Stigmergy: peer-to-peer coordination strategy that yields pareto optimal results without constraining agency. Very famous and well observed among insects and animals. Yet to be fully applied to human interactions.

In a “stigmergetic” game, players act so as to direct communicate (connect) with each other in order to find, use, and sustain resources - increasing the system’s overall complexity.

Such connections, also referred to as networks in the macro level, are generally bottom-up designed in order to accommodate for some degree of diversity in the way elements interacting. Thus, opening up space for agency.

Stigmergy has stood the test of time and keep proving itself as a viable group strategy to adapt to change - all things considered, have you ever seen a honey shortage in your life?

With the astonishing pace of information technology, which keeps invariable connecting us more, soon humans will no longer lack the tools to make stigmergy an effective solution to their wicked problems. Some would even say that blockchain technologies are the dawn of such a change. By allowing peers to interact in a trustless environment with full transparency, this technology has been implemented to create a myriad of applications, ranging from dating to public goods management.

Will this revolutionize the way we live? Time and adoption will tell. All one has to wonder is what would make all this a stronger attractor.