Ao emergir, a Borboleta vê o mundo de ponta-cabeça

Complex Vitae

It's hard to tell a nonlinear story in a linear fashion

I feel that, usually, when we talk about ourselves, we do it in a very linear fashion, starting from the mediums we use (you have been reading this text from left-to-right in a up-to-down screen isn't?). My opinion is that this poses some challenges for us to communicate the complexities of our lives. At least that's something I feel when I try to talk about myself.

Even so, I think sometimes I do a good job at that, like in the video below:

Challenge acknowledged, here I'll strive to transmit a bit more of said complexity in my life. And I hope this will shed light on questions such as "What do you do?", "Where have you studied?", "Where do you work?", etc.

Last Resume

When I worked on my previous portfolio, I created a simple interactive widget/app on R to display some of my previous academic and work experiences.

Drag and scroll for perspective. Hover items for more information.

Here we have information about my schooling, work and where I had been in the world from 2013 until early 2018. After that, the level of complexity of the things I do have increased greatly, so I stopped trying to linearize them.

Mapping nonlinearity

When I had to present myself in late 2018, I came up with a good way to visually communicate more of said complexity, via a map of the things I had been doing until then. For that, I had the help of a beautiful piece of art by artist Janaina Mello Landini:


The map is not the territory. Inspired by CICLOTRAMA 114 (vento)

Here, I tried to create a sense of how the things I have been doing lately are connected and feedback into each other. This representation does not hold the details of the activities I performed, but it does map well how things developed until that point.

"But what can you actually do?"

I believe proficiency is mostly contextual. Meaning that, given the appropriate context (time, motivation, etc), most things can be performed. This is not to say I can perform anything, but I do try to nurture a polymath spirit.

From Patterns

There are patterns that characterize my performance:

To Details

To Examples

Check the Projects section of this website to see some examples of what I am describing above. The Tags page can also be helpful for that.

Initial Conditions

What is more nonlinear than concluding with the beginning?

My story in this planet starts in one of the largest peripheral cities of São Paulo, Brazil. Growing up in the beautiful and creative caos of Carapicuíba, I learned a great deal about self-organization and complexity long before hearing about such concepts.

By the age of 15, I was lucky (and competent?) enough to attend Sidarta - one of the best private schools in the country - with a fully paid scholarship through the NGO ISMART, breaking many cycles in the history of my family and marking a new phase of my journey.

From then on, I kept on learning and growing through scholarships. I can't help being very proud of them, so I think they deserve to be here as well:


All this (and more) brings me to "today", where most of my activities are not intermediated by institutions (call me a free learner/practitioner) and I have the means to try to live out my interests and the theories I study. What this means? Fortunately for me, the answers to this question are constantly changing. So I think we will need to have a chat?

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