Here are some of the projects I have worked on. Please take them as fossils of my learning evolution.

2017 - Emergir

Emergir is my current effort to spread the word about Complexity in Brazil. The portal has courses, articles, and soon a podcast (all in Portuguese).

2015 - Kotes

This is the result of my 1st attempt to developed an Android App using App Inventor. It is a cool concept: keep your favorite quotes from books or articles (also pictures and videos) and get them randomly afterwards.

2009 - Pconcertos

For a big part of my childhood I built and fixed computers around my neighborhood. This was the website I put online to market my work. It was also the first website I developed. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring me any extra work. Perhaps that is because of the misspelling in the word “conserto” (fix).

 portfolio on the making.