Motion Gallery

I landed in the world of moving pictures by accident, but ended up enjoying it. Here are a couple of things I have done.

2017 - Animations | Complexity Labs

I sometimes help Complexity Labs to spread the word about systems thinking and complexity theory through simple graphics animations. I last animated the courses on Game Theory and Political Complexity.

2016 - How to Become an Online Learner MOOC | Kiron

In this project I was a professor in a meta-MOOC on how to learn online. The course was especially designed for newcomers in Germany, with a focus on how they can get the most out of online learning experiences. And, thus, best utilize Kiron’s services.

2016 - Community Videos | Minerva Schools at KGI

In 2015 and 2016 I worked as a visual-media-jack-of-all-trades-intern for my school. It was a fun experience that taught me a lot about professional video-making. In fact, that was when I first learned how to use professional equipment and software. Bellow are some of the works I’m most proud of from this period, including shorts with a traveling chair and a “veggie photo booth”.